6 months after China’s Travel Ban: Situation of the Korean Luxury Market

It’s been 6 months since the Chinese retaliation on Korea’s deployment of THAAD. Over the past 6-month period, the travel ban on Chinese group tours to Korea has hit on the domestic travel and travel retail industries. What is the status today? In this article, ACDL shares some key figures and insights on the latest happenings and trends for Korea domestic travel retail.
October 2017

How to integrate digital format to effectively engage your learners?

In the current highly competitive market, empowering your workforce through learning is a key competitive advantage to ensure the best personalized customer experience. Integrating digital format help you to engage your learners without limitations of time and space. In this article, ACDL provides key insights about how to choose the best format, how to improve learning with digital and how to go further with digital by developing social interactions and augmented reality.
September 2017

Why is e-learning critical to your Sales Associates?

Do you need to transfer knowledge to a large number of your staff, whenever and wherever they need it, in their native language? Do you want to ensure a continuous learning process of your sales associates? E-learning would be a smart solution, quick to implement. In this article, ACDL uses its consulting experience to share with you the benefits of using e-learning, the several options to choose from, and the ways you can include it in your Learning & Development strategy.
April 2017


With a rising purchasing power and greater flexibility in visa policies, the Mainland Chinese remain the top travelers and shoppers overseas this year. Due to the consecutive political & economic events occurring in 2016 - US new presidency, Brexit, terrorist threats, we examined the potential impact on MCTs opinions of top shopping destinations: the US, the UK, France and Hong Kong. This article unveils to what extent Mainland Chinese's travel plans are altered and what their new favored destinations are.
March 2017

CNY Holiday: a golden week for travelers & retailers

Taking advantage of the Chinese consumer’s travel calendar is no doubt important for the travel retail industry. Close study of their evolving tastes and shopping behavior will help luxury brands and retailers to better adapt their strategy and properly answer Chinese travelers’ expectations. In this article, we share insights of where they choose to spend their 2017 Lunar New Year holidays, why certain countries are more popular, and what influence their travel decisions and activities.
January 2017

Retail Performance Asia #5

Our latest edition covers three main topics dealing with the evolving environment of retail in Asia. We investigate how luxury brands have integrated digital touchpoints in their brands' strategies. We analyse the evolution of the perception of the luxury shopping experience among Mainland Chinese shoppers during the past three years. We also share our thoughts about where Chinese tourists will buy this fall/winter.
December 2016

Retail Performance Asia #4

In this edition, we cover key topics dealing with the evolving environment of retail in Asia. We highlight the best practices to entertain Greater China's Generation Y. We also look at the challenges brands face in Asia to find, develop and retain talent. We develop a barometer of customer satisfaction and experience of the in-store channel and about how digital becomes a turning point for luxury retail.
September 2015