Staff survey

Staff survey
We help you with assessing your staff's perceptions and addressing your HR gaps to establish a more pleasant workplace and create staff commitment.
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Do your hr policies suit your
employees' expectations?
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Your needs

Identifying what drives your employees’ engagement and satisfaction is the key to building a pleasant workplace, improving personnel efficiency and reaching success. Aware of this, we assess your work environment, and get insights from your employees, using adapted and customized tools and methodologies. We help you with making data-driven management decisions to fulfill your employees’ satisfaction and improve their productivity. Based on our key findings, we are able to provide an in depth analysis and recommendations. As an HR consultant, we can go beyond and design customized training or HR plans (bonus schemes, etc) for your specific needs.

Our solutions

To develop our staff evaluation programs, we first take time to analyze your brand DNA, existing guidelines and all useful information that will enable us to design a specific methodology. Our tools include qualitative and quantitative methods. We focus on individual performances as well as the company as a whole. We develop large scale employee satisfaction surveys to measure their perception of your work environment. We also conduct interviews by certified coaches with employees to understand their motivations and driving forces at work to overcome internal reasons of disengagement. In addition, we use personality tests to define their profile and improve staff management. According to the feedback gathered, we deliver recommendations for your HR strategies and policies.