Our Spirit

Our spirit
AuCoeurDuLuxe is in French for "luxury" and is at the heart of luxury business.

Nothing epitomizes the industry’s spirit and essence more than the human factor, whether it is the relationship between the consumer and the brand, or the relationship between the brand and its ambassador. The drive to exceed client expectations is synonymous across luxury brands, therefore leveraging these relationships and empowering people holds the key to success.

Trust and long lasting collaboration depend on honesty and respect. We are interested in focusing on your needs and providing you with reliable advice. Ensure absolute confidentiality and transparency through collaboration with a large customer portfolio.
Customer needs and expectations demand uncompromising quality. We keep in mind the needs of the luxury industry, develop services and pay attention to every detail to exceed perfection. We support you in running the solution and evaluate the results to build a long lasting solution.
Human resources stand at the foundation of our approach. We treat each other with respect, dignity and appreciation of each other. Constant and strong partnerships that have a positive impact on all projects through constant interaction between our team members and customers.
Expanding ourselves to new heights is our common goal. We are always ready to take on new challenges, restructure our approach and develop creative and innovative solutions to support development.
Together we embrace diversity. Our strength depends on multicultural teams. Every country implements cultural wealth with specific expectations. We can understand local needs and provide appropriate advice.
At AuCoeurDuLuxe, we share a common passion for empowering people. We support brands that can improve the performance of internal resources by learning more knowledge and polishing skills. We believe that everyone is talented and strive to improve personal performance.