Learning & development

Learning & Development
At AuCoeurDuLuxe, people are the cornerstone of our activity. We work to support you in building the right training programs to generate staff engagement.
Which training topics to add to
your induction program?
How to ensure evolving
training throughout your
staff's careers?
Which training curriculum
to provide your store manager?

Your needs

Working with an external advisor to develop your training programs brings new perspectives and leverages specialists' knowledge. As experts in retail, we help you with building initial and lifetime learning programs to enhance your staff's skills, ensure their development and fulfillment within your company and create engagement. We pay attention to developing the right solutions regarding your internal strategy and your people.

Our solutions

At AuCoeurDuLuxe, our consulting team, composed of retail and training experts, works hand-in-hand with your learning and development department. In order to recommend the right strategy, we analyse your brand, your vision and your budget and benchmark these against market best practices. Based on our areas of expertise, we not only develop creative and customized programs for your front line staff and store managers, we also design and deliver training content with our team of in-house trainers. Our scope covers a wide range of topics - collaborating on Training Academy, reshaping a Training Curriculum, optimizing a training budget or setting up eLearning programs.

Training academy

As consultants specializing in retail, we give you advice on modalities and approaches to set up your Training academy. We assist you from the program design to the training delivery and ensure a continuous partnership, always innovating and bringing new ideas to the existing modules.

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Training Curriculum

By designing a multi-step program, we provide your staff with the right training at the right time to maintain their motivation and enhance their skills. We ensure your staff will evolve progressively throughout their career.

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Budget optimization

We help you to more efficiently allocate your investments and prioritize your training needs to match your budget.

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eLearning / mLearning

Together we build your strategic learning solutions. We provide online programs to easily and quickly transfer knowledge to your staff.

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