eLearning / mLearning
Transferring knowledge in a short amount of time to a large number of your staff is possible with our solutions. We support you in building online learning and development programs to enhance your staff's skills and knowledge.
How to transfer knowledge
to a large number of people
at the same time?
How to guarantee your training
is well understood ?
How to ensure
a continuous learning process
of your staff ?

Your needs

Constantly providing your staff with the right learning solutions is essential to drive engagement and generate a positive business impact. By designing engaging and entertaining learning solutions in line with your specific needs, we continuously address your staff skills and knowledge. Our online learning enables self-paced learning, promotes knowledge retention and answers the youngest generations‘digital demands. We ensure that your training is well understood and delivered efficiently and within your budget. With clients from a wide range of sectors, we use our expertise to develop generic or tailor-made eLearning or mLearning modules, ensuring a valuable corporate training experience.

Our solutions

To develop tailor-made solutions and support your staff, our specialists work closely with your learning and development teams. We support your company through its digital transition from the definition of a digital strategy to the creation and diffusion of tailor-made digital learning content. The aim is to develop your front-line staff’s knowledge and skills by engaging them in the learning process. Our goal: Bring learning to people.

We provide two digital learning offers:

> ACDL Studio: Our in-house team creates tailor-made learning contents and associated quizzes for your brand. The objective is to engage your learners and evaluate them on specific topics. ACDL studio creates animated videos and simple to advanced quizzes (with narrator, videos, graphics…). We provide off-the-shelf or 100% tailor-made contents.

> ACDL: The Academy: Our learning mobile app provides tailor-made learning content and quizzes created by ACDL Studio. It offers a playful learning program through animated videos, challenges, quizzes, training games and many other pedagogic activities.

Our experts offer a turnkey solution to each step of your digital transition. We aim to provide you the best digital learning tools to keep you focus on your high-valued activities.

Discover the best answer to your learning challenges. If you are a training director like Kareen, an HR director like John or even a CEO like Paul and you care to support your most important asset, your employees, online learning programs are your solution. Online learning is a flexible and scalable solution, able to be quickly implemented.

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