2017 The Mainland Chinese Travel Retail study

The top luxury consumers, the Mainland Chinese, remain the major travelling and spending nationality within Travel Retail. To open up an array of opportunities for travel retailers, it is then critical to maintain up-to date knowledge about the Mainland Chinese travelers. For the second year, we sought to understand their evolving traveling and shopping behaviors, expectations and desire for the future.
March 2017

2016 Shanghai Beauty benchmark

"Where do you stand vs. your competitors?" To provide you an insightful vision of 30+ leading brands in-store performance, we led a survey in Shanghai to track and compare top brands against others in Skincare, Make up and Fragrance. This index gives an overview of the customers' perception of their shopping experience in Shanghai.
August 2016

2016 The Mainland Chinese Travel Retail study

The invisible continent of tax-free shopping embodies true opportunities in today’s multi-channel retail environment. Retailers are vying to capture this fast growing channel in luxury goods, largely derived from the shifting travel and spending behaviors among the top-consuming nationality of luxury goods, the Mainland Chinese. Our survey focuses on defining the Mainland Chinese Traveller’s expectations in Travel Retail, their satisfaction of the retail experience and desires for the future.
April 2016