Retail Performance Asia #5

Our latest edition covers three main topics dealing with the evolving environment of retail in Asia. We investigate how luxury brands have integrated digital touchpoints in their brands' strategies. We analyse the evolution of the perception of the luxury shopping experience among Mainland Chinese shoppers during the past three years. We also share our thoughts about where Chinese tourists will buy this fall/winter.
December 2016

Retail Performance Asia #4

In this edition, we cover key topics dealing with the evolving environment of retail in Asia. We highlight the best practices to entertain Greater China's Generation Y. We also look at the challenges brands face in Asia to find, develop and retain talent. We develop a barometer of customer satisfaction and experience of the in-store channel and about how digital becomes a turning point for luxury retail.
September 2015

Retail Performance Asia #3

This magazine focuses on three main topics of retail in Asia. We talk about how China embraces eTailing to meet the rapidly evolving Chinese consumer. We provide consumer insights and tips to strenghten in-store sales and customer loyalty. The last article presents the transition of China's retail model - from wholesale to strategic partnership.
September 2014

Retail Performance Asia #2

This edition deals with three main topics - A survey to highlight how to re-connect with the matured segment of Hong Kong luxury shoppers; the paradox between the importance of shop-floor staff and a high turn over to outline solutions enhancing employee engagement in Asia; and we also share key economic and retail insights on Indonesia to better understand this potential market.
January 2014

Retail Performance Asia #1

Our 1st magazine includes in-depth articles of interest to international retailers. We analyze the luxury customer outlook and shopping expectations in China and focus on an emerging market - Mongolia. We also explain how to overcome recruitment and training challenges in Asia. Finally, we shed light on the Pro’s and Con’s of different models of market presence.
May 2013