How to enter a new market with the right team?


A top-tier luxury house was eager to enter the competitive market of Greater China, with their new division of high-end cosmetics and fragrance. Everything from shop-floor staffing, training and coaching needed to be built from scratch. The luxury brand had rapid expansion plans for this division, but required a cohesive staff recruitment, training and retention plan quickly implemented to succeed.

Solution & Approach

AuCoeurDuLuxe was commissioned for an A to Z program that encompassed HR consulting, training and coaching. Understanding the importance of finding the right talent, ACDL developed and deployed a recruitment and selection framework that assessed sales capability, company fit and team culture. With a full-time ACDL team dedicated to this partnership, ACDL conducted ongoing training on a monthly basis and, by utilizing results from ACDL’s on-site reporting, training content and coaching was completely tailored to the brand’s evolving needs.

The Result

In two years, the brand quadrupled its store network in Greater China, with ACDL delivering regular training, local market adaptation and on-counter coaching. The brand’s front-line staff continues to grow and gain from ACDL’s program, with staff retention significantly higher than market standards, thanks to employee fit with brand culture and continuous drive for improvement.