How to create a unique selling ceremony?


A luxury Watch and Jewelry brand, famous for combining unparalleled craftsmanship, technical process and innovation, identified the need to strengthen its sales techniques for a specific collection. Willing to collaborate with an external consulting agency, exposed to different brand strategies and experts in their market, the brand was willing to launch a specific program, aiming to elaborate a new training content and a unique selling ceremony in Hong Kong.

Solution & Approach

By taking inspiration from the brand's culture and its competitive landscape, ACDL developed and conducted a qualitative study in brand's boutiques and competitors' stores. This survey included a Mystery Shopping Program to assess the current selling techniques combined with qualitative interviews led with high end Mystery shoppers. This evaluation pointed out the weaknesses and skills to address. From these conclusions, ACDL elaborated a complete selling ceremony dedicated to the specific brand's collection.

The Result

ACDL proceeded to a train the trainer session with the training manager of the brand, who delivers this customized training to its sales advisors. Finally, within its tailored approach, ACDL's participated to transform the shopping experience into a unique moment.