How to enhance your new talent?


A talent induction, training and assessment program was needed for a leading global luxury group, to cater to its high volumes of new recruits on a regular basis. With a strong philosophy of excellence, tradition and prestige, the luxury group required a trusted specialist that could provide each recruit with the industry skills and knowledge to become true brand ambassadors. The challenge lied in not only assessing each individual staff, but ensuring all talent met the luxury group's needs, before their deployment into their respective brands.

Solution & Approach

Understanding the luxury group's strive for excellence, ACDL developed training modules that encompassed all aspects of luxury - from luxury lifestyle and history, local market dynamics, through to selling and service skillsets. To guarantee accountability and adaptability to these programs, ACDL also designed and implemented a mystery shopping evaluation program that assessed each staff's performance in their respective boutiques. With each assessment, ACDL delivered detailed analysis and recommendation to ensure the ambassador's continuous learning and development.

The Result

For four years, ACDL has partnered with this leading group to provide training development, training delivery and mystery shopping evaluation for over 400 new recruits, with the program's success leading to further expansion and deployment to other Asian markets. Based on our trusted partnership, our training modules, assessment frameworks and processes are continuously adapted and enhanced to fulfill our client's ongoing needs.