How to deliver the best service at your point of sale?


A leading skincare & cosmetics brand prides itself in being the top skincare expert with innovative products and unique consultations. The brand required shop-floor insights, across their APAC market, to evaluate their staff performance, assess their selling strategy effectiveness and obtain greater competitor intelligence to understand their consumer preferences and point of difference.

Solution & Approach

ACDL designed a completely customized mystery shopping and competitor benchmark program that highlighted the brand's unique selling strategy and targeted their key concerns. Insights into best practices and analysis of under/outperforming regions were then promptly delivered through each level of the organization (counter, province, country and region level). To test new processes in the consumer's experience, ACDL also developed PILOT programs in key markets to evaluate its effectiveness and traction, before wider implementation across the region.

The Result

For three years, ACDL has worked in partnership with this global brand on mystery shopping, competitor benchmarking and consumer research, dedicated to APAC region. Our results are used as a key metric for individual staff's KPI performance, with our recommendations incorporated into the brand's internal training and coaching, to improve consumer experience, point of sales and brand loyalty.