How to assess your distributors’ performance?


A leading group in Premium Spirits industry was interested in knowing their performance in selective stores and duty free airports in Asia Pacific. The group needed to build a comprehensive regional assessment program to evaluate the staff's ability to communicate and sell their products to different client groups.

Solution & Approach

Understanding the Wines and Spirits group's values and strategic key elements to assess, ACDL designed and conducted a customized Mystery Shopping Program in duty free airports & downtown locations in Asia Pacific Region. ACDL developed a PILOT program in 1 country to evaluate the survey's effectiveness before a wider successful implementation in 8 other countries. Based on hundreds of evaluation, ACDL delivered detailed analysis with recommendations to maintain excellent skills in service and selling in each store, country and at a regional level.

The Result

For 2 years, ACDL has closely worked with this worldwide leading group to provide insightful analysis highlighting key strengths and areas of improvement in service and selling capabilities. To fulfill the client's needs and truly improve consumer experience, ACDL also developed e-learning modules on product knowledge to continuously upgrade selling techniques by keeping staff informed on story-telling and product specifications.