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A worldwide skincare brand, known for its unique products, claims to give access to a timeless beauty. Looking for trainers highly specialized in skincare, the brand required specialists able to provide and manage their beauty advisors, capable to deliver the brand's training and ensure BA's coaching in-store. Training needs were identified, but the brand was facing a lack of headcount in Hong Kong and Mainland China, and was trying to find alternative solutions and outsource their trainers.

Solution & Approach

The challenge lied in finding right talents specialized in Skincare who could become perfect brand ambassadors. In taking responsibility for HR consulting, training and coaching, ACDL tailored a staff selection process in line with the skincare brand's values and needs. By assessing talents' sales skills and company knowledge, ACDL selected ideal recruits that would be fully dedicated to this partnership and able to fulfill the expectations of the brand.

The Result

ACDL elaborated a flexible and cost effective solution thanks to its expertise in the luxury industry and its knowledge of the skincare market due to a diversified client portfolio. ACDL internally manages trainers from their recruitment to their follow-up. The recruitment framework was deployed globally to perfectly answer the brand's evolving needs around the world. ACDL has now 4 trainers fully dedicated to this brand.